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We operate with a 'zero-profit' mindset and our goal is to deploy all capital towards operating OneQuantum and supporting the global quantum tech community.

As such, we entirely depend on sponsorship and donations to fund our programs.

How you can support us
OneQuantum offers a large variety of programs that rely on your support.
  • OneQuantum sponsor
  • Chapter sponsor
  • Event sponsor
  • Mentoring support
  • Career sponsor
  • Project sponsor
  • Awards sponsor
  • Scholarships
Why sponsor a conference if you can support a community?

OneQuantum is the ultimate opportunity to distribute your brand, find talent and generate leads & awareness.

Rather than a one-off conference or event, OneQuantum provides you a highly engaged community that will benefit from your support every day.

OneQuantum is the largest and most engaged quantum tech community globally:
- A reach of over 35,000 newsletter subscribers
- Social media reach of 50K+ a month
- An independent brand fostering diversity & inclusion
- Some of the best talent available
- Exposure to a large group of vendors, startups & users

As a sponsor you will get logo, web, newsletter and social media recognition. But you will also get the opportunity to get in front of our audience, obtain access to our DBs, help design programs & events, and profit from continuous engagement for as long as you'd like.

Sponsorship opportunities

OneQuantum Sponsor

For strategic partners looking to make a global impact as a leader of Quantum Tech across our entire organization.

Budget: Upon request

Chapter Sponsor

For organizations that are looking to make an impact in a specific region or with a targeted audience.

Budget: yearly | details upon request

Summit Sponsor

Lead sponsor at one of our regional summits, which attract a large, highly engaged crowd with a unique, audience and user centric focus.

Budget: per summit | details upon request

Event Sponsor

Women in Quantum organizes co-located events at some of the industry largest conferences around the globe. A typical event will include a lunch, a speaker, a panel and an in-person mentoring session.

Budget: per event (discount for multiple events) | details upon request

Career Sponsor

We hold highly popular career fairs with a wide variety of global talent looking for all types of responsibilities and opportunities.

Budget: per career fair | details upon request

Awards Sponsor

We recognize outstanding leaders in the field of quantum tech and shine a light on those who might not usually stand on stage in their respective roles across our community.

Budget: per ceremony | details upon request


We provide need based scholarships for students in quantum tech and related fields to help them attend conferences, meetings, school and other important milestones that will help them grow and succeed.

Budget: Domestic & International | details upon request


We are grateful for any and all support, no matter the financial commitment that you are comfortable making. For that purpose, we occasionally run donation campaigns that allow us to engage key stakeholders within our community for support of our cause.

We are lucky to be able to count on the support of many global and local quantum tech vendors, startups and associations. Past and present sponsors include
We look forward to hearing from you and customizing the best possible option to your needs.