Quarterly WIQ Summits | Overview & events

Join leading Women in Quantum from around the world, as they talk about their quantum journey in academia, government, investing and entrepreneurship.

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The fourth Women In Quantum Summit March 09-11 sponsored by Zapata Computing.

Spotlighting female researchers, academics, entrepreneurs and investors in quantum technology to a global audience, as well as offering them a safe, dedicated community to collaborate and succeed.

Followed by a career fair, a Quantum Machine Learning track and our ever popular one on one networking.

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Three Specific Reasons Why You will Win By Attending

No matter your professional background or gender, you will benefit from the following three ingredients that ‘Women in Quantum’ is delivering for your convenient consumption during three days of focused sessions:

Speakers representing a wide spectrum of the industry from students to CEO’s, you will hear first-hand how women are innovate in Quantum Tech.

Dedicated sessions – no matter your background, skills or interests – to bringing you up to speed on QIS and its impact on business.

Speed Networking – an entertaining way to meet attendees with whom you are randomly matched for five minutes of one-to-one conversation.

Speed networking

Core to our community are our networking sessions that – in our increasingly remote and digital world – foster meaningful, human relationships by automatically matching you for 5 minute one-on-one conversations with other attendees.

Our participants regularly tell us that this is one of the highlights of every conference and a source of significant new business and personal relationships.

Past Summits

Past summits have been sponsored by the leading vendors and hosted speakers who are CEO’s, Women of the Year, Commissioner at the European Union and a 15 year old women representing future generations.

WIQ I | Sponsored by Honeywell

WIQ II | Sponsored by IBM Quantum

WIQ III | Sponsored by IonQ

Sponsorship opportunities

Within 6 months of our first summit in the summer of 2020, WIQ has become the third largest industry event by number of attendees yet with a highly curated and engaged audience.

Indeed, we are not a conference organizer. We are a community that wants to foster equal opportunities and true relationships. It is our personal approach, free for attendees, that enables us to bring the Quantum Tech ecosystem a quarterly event that regularly reaches more than 150,000 people on social media, tens of thousands via newsletter, and over 1,000 attendees.

A particular point of pride for us is the global reach of our summits.

We have put a lot of effort into making sure we reach well beyond North America and Europe to include audience, speakers and sponsors from Australia, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

And the numbers don’t lie. While we still reach the key influencers and constituencies in core markets, we are being joined by participants from all corners of the globe.

The press, such as Forbes or the Quantum Computing Report, has taken note of this as well – turning WIQ Summits into a truly unique platform for select sponsors, rather than yet another conference with tired engagements, dozens of competing interests and no soul.

And our participants, well they cannot stop raving about our events. Social media regularly is on fire during our summits, sharing thoughts about the conference, speakers, new connections made and sponsors who make it all possible. Which other event in Quantum Tech can claim so much love?

If this sounds interesting to you then we would love to hear from you to discuss sponsorship options.