Women in Quantum Launch Event – KPIs

“I absolutely had a ball. It was: 1) the best online event I’ve been to since COVID, and 2) the best women in physics event I’ve been to ever.”, Agata M. Branczyk, PSI Fellow, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Waterloo

Event facts

  • 16 speakers from 4 continents
  • 3 days of content
  • 3 keynotes
  • 12 sessions
  • 3 networking events
  • Dozens of group selfies
  • 602 RSVPs
  • 652 email signups

And truly reached the worldwide QIS community.

Social media – we generated significant metrics across LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Many posts went viral due to speakers and attendees amplification.

Metrics for our 6 page channels:

  • Impressions: 42,383
  • Visitors: 581
  • Engagement: 575

This does not include personal pages by Denise Ruffner and Andre Konig, who reach probably 5 times as much. In total, we can conservatively assume impressions 150,000, visitors 2,000 and engagement 2,000 on our channels alone, not accounting for other posts that easily double these KPIs.

All posts mentioned Honeywell as our sponsor.

Testimonials – attendees and speakers are raving about the event.

Women in Quantum Chapter

By the end of the event, over 50 participants had signed up for the Women in Quantum Chapter at OneQuantum for continuous networking, collaboration and exchange.

Groupfies – the group selfie feature was a huge success that drove attendee engagement and social media virality.