Women in Quantum needs your donation to strive in 2022

In 2019, just after the start of the first Covid wave, I launched Women in Quantum (WIQ) along with André M. König. It has been an absolute honor to watch it grow with the support of many sponsors & supporters. We have an amazing world wide reach of over 9,000 people on our email list in over 40 countries and a total of over 10,000 attendees at our WIQ events since inception.

Truth is, WIQ still depends on a lot of our personal funding, hard work on Sunday's and during holidays, as well as last minute sprints.

Women in Quantum deserves better, which is why I am asking you for your donation to support us in 2022.

Women in Quantum is entirely dependent on its own resources – and it truly takes a village to make WIQ strive. A lot of hard work, some foundational tech, marketing, operations, organization, logistics, events, design, web…. our list of to do’s is long and never seems to end.
Since its inception, WIQ has been a labor of love and I am super proud of how far we have come. However, with 2022 kicking off, it is time to take the next steps.
Many of you have supported us generously through sponsorship and we love you for it – there will be plenty more sponsorship opportunities in the future. Today, I am asking you to make a donation.
If you believe in our cause. If you believe that it is important to see women in quantum succeed. To encourage diversity and inclusion and to provide a safe community, mentoring and career opportunities, then please help us strive in 2022.

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In 2021 WIQ had a tremendous year:

  • We held a total of 3 WIQ summits with over 6,000 attendees
  • We completed 2,000 hours of our mentoring program
  • We successfully place a dozen women in new careers at companies like Ford Motors and Fidelity Investments
  • We awarded our first ever Women in Quantum Awards, recognizing exceptional, female quantum talent
  • We offer our first ever scholarships to support young students

Our goal is to solidify and expand all of these programs with a dedicated team & resources:

  • Put in place a strong tech stack
  • Execute on a consistent marketing strategy
  • Support event and sponsorship logistics effectively
  • Hire talent

Specifically, we aim to co-located WIQ events with large, open audience quantum tech conferences, all throughout the year – both virtually and in-person.

We want to be able to be present on site, where women in quantum need us, as much as possible. And we want to be able to support our audience with more mentoring, more scholarships, and more career opportunities.


Some of the companies that have supported us in the past

2022 is the year of Women in Quantum

“We will also be offering traditional sponsorship options for WIQ all throughout 2022 to join our WIQ summit, other events, support our scholarship or awards program, or attend our career fairs.

If you agree that our industry needs and benefits from diversity and inclusion please show your support to grow this important initiative.”

Thank you,

Denise, President WIQ


NB: WIQ is run as a “zero profit” organization with all of our financial resources going 100% to operating WIQ, associated expenses and programs. WIQ is not taking a profit ever.