We are in the business of talking to and connecting with Quantum Tech experts and fans everyday, and lucky to have a voice in many conversations. This affords us a large platform by which we can reach both large as well as highly targeted audiences in Quantum Tech globally and locally. 

We run a large gamut of social media channels on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, which, combined, reach over 150,000 people monthly. These channels have been curated over years with an audience of decision makers, senior executives, influencers and government globally in and beyond quantum tech.

We publish some of the most widely read newsletters in quantum tech as well as highly targeted email lists through each of our chapters. Combined, we deliver over 20,000 eyeballs a months through these lists, most of them in quantum tech and nurtured since 2018.

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Every week we host a guest to discuss trends, ideas and challenges in Quantum Tech, on our Weekly Quantum World Detangled video series, which is being watched by 15,000 people globally every month.

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Much of our content is available as a podcast, as well as many exclusive interviews with Quantum Tech researchers, investors and decision makers, reaching an audio focused audience in addition to our other channels.

Once a week we discuss the news in Quantum Tech on Clubhouse, the new audio conversation phenomena, with an audience of 160,000 participants.

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We host various other communities, for example on Slack, narrowly focused on selected audiences such as Quantum Tech investors in Europe, etc. These exclusive communities are invite only.

Additionally, we frequently custom curate target audiences for events & recruiting in specific regions, segments, organizations and others.