Our Sub Chapters

OneQuantum is dedicated to bringing Quantum Tech communities together

We bring together Quantum Tech communities in regional, industry or vertical chapters to collaborate, learn, grow and speak with one voice. As a member of a chapter you will benefit from our community:

  • We speak with one voice to influence government action, vendor relationships and our ecosystem as a whole
  • We offer a safe, exclusive platform for all Quantum actors to connect, network and collaborate
  • We provide valuable sales, marketing, fundraising, and other business resources, expertise and webinars
  • We show you off across our digital channels and events (~10K views a month and growing)

We have a bold vision for OneQuantum and are very proud of our current OneQuantum Chapters:

All of our chapters are aimed at offering a friendly, collaborative space as well as resources for its members:

  • Chapter member directory
  • Chapter collaboration & chat
  • Chapter specific news feed
  • Chapter specific calendar of events
  • Chapter webinars and meetups
  • Quarterly chapter conference
  • Exposure for chapter members across our social media channels (+10K monthly views and growing)

Membership is $120 per year per chapter.