Quantum Tech in Asia
Building a better future

Countries across Asia are embracing digitalisation and reshaping their economies. While many are familiar with the “digital age”, did you know that the world has entered the “quantum age”?

The “quantum technologies revolution” has begun, harnessing the quantum properties of nature to deliver astounding capabilities that will reshape our world.

These include ‘seeing the invisible’, unhackable communications, navigation without GPS, advances in precision timing, truly random numbers (e.g. for encryption) and computing the impossible.

These quantum technologies are considered to be so important that many nations (including China, India, Japan and Singapore) have made it national priorities.

At OneQuantum we prepare people for the quantum age through community building, mentoring programmes, career services and skills development. We engage with stakeholders across the entire ecosystem including governments, industry, investors, startups and academia, offering our expertise and deep insights.

We are here to support the quantum ecosystems and peoples of Asia in creating a better quantum future. If you support our cause, please give a donation – we operate on a zero-profit basis.

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OneQuantum India began in mid-2021 with the aims of:

  • raising awareness of quantum technologies
  • bringing the quantum community together in India
  • facilitating interactions and collaborations within India and abroad
  • growing the quantum economy and workforce.

To raise awareness, we organised a series of high-profile online events that attracted national and international speakers and audiences, and brought together different stakeholders to learn about:

  • Quantum Computing
  • Quantum tech and Cybersecurity
  • Quantum tech and Fintech
  • Quantum tech and Healthcare
  • Quantum Communication
  • Quantum Internet

In Q1 2022, we announced the launch of OneQuantum India sub-chapters in Bangalore and Pune (with more to come). Our sub-chapters will engage and build local communities, work collaboratively on quantum-related projects, support both future quantum technology leaders and workforce development.

There is much more to do but we are enthusiastic and committed on this journey! We call for organisations across India to engage, work with us and support our mission!


OneQuantum Nepal (OQN) brings an inclusive approach for Nepali talent to grow and shine in quantum technologies, particularly in quantum computing.

In 2021, members of our community have listened to talks from national and international experts in quantum science, successfully ran a quantum algorithm on a real quantum computer, and, more recently, started to investigate a quantum algorithm to potentially tackle the humanitarian problem of women trafficking in Nepal.

OQN mostly focuses on providing quantum computing projects to its members which will enable them to learn quantum computing pragmatically.

At OQN, we will continue to offer quantum computing projects to our members, and
mentor them to tackle computationally difficult problems on a real quantum computer through the Strangeworks platform.

Recently, one of our members has secured a scholarship to do a PhD in the USA.

We’re making a difference to people’s lives and expanding their opportunities.
Nepal and its people are not usually associated with quantum technologies. We want to change that image and we call upon your support!